About the badge tests

The ski and snowboard certification strives to support those who want to challenge themselves in a safe manner and offers a proper and enjoyable learning experience.

The SAJ is an organization that controls and represents the skiing and snowboarding communities in Japan. Its purpose is to promote skiing and snowboarding and to contribute to the stable development of people’s minds and bodies. We hold training, certification, and workshops for snow sport instructors and leaders. This ski instructor system goes way back to 1939 when the first instructor certification class was held and has been training ski instructors ever since.

We embrace the responsibility to communicate the notion that skiing can help create a more abundant and fulfilling life and help people realize their desires to enjoy skiing with friends, become better and faster skiers, and to live a longer, healthier life.

Launch of the Ski and Snowboard Certification Test Website

Thank you very much for your continuous understanding and cooperation with the various operations conducted by the Ski Association of Japan. In addition to being the athletic organization overseeing the strengthening and training of skiers and snowboarders, the SAJ aims to promote and popularize snow sports. The Education Division is responsible for training instructors and developing a system for certification and testing to further promote the appeal of snow sports.

The new Ski and Snowboard Certification website is dedicated to the ski and snowboard skills test (badge test), which is one of the Education Division’s main businesses. This skill test, offered at accredited ski schools across the country, has been popular with many snow sports enthusiasts, but was intimidating to those who have never skied or snowboarded before, or those who are still practicing to master their skills. Skill tests encourage people to improve their skiing and snowboarding skills as they aim to pass the test, which then allows them to explore other snow sports. Skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed regardless of skill or experience, so this website was created to make this essense more widely known. We organized all the information related to the skill tests and convey it in an easy-to-understand manner, so we hope you find it useful.

The website was also inspired by globalization. Since the number of inbound tourists to Japan has increased in recent years, ski resorts in Japan are also attracting more and more overseas visitors, and there is a need for skill tests to be available outside Japan and in languages other than Japanese. By responding to such demands, we believe that promoting the SAJ’s skill tests to snow sports enthusiasts will make it possible to convey the appeal of snow sports in Japan to the world.

The Education Division of the SAJ will continue to work hard to promote the appeal of snow sports in the coming years. In addition to the globalization of our services as mentioned above, we will also work to promote cooperation with ski resorts and accredited ski schools. We would like to actively utilize the demonstrators who appear on this site to let many people know about the appeal and fun of snow sports. We hope that this website will help enrich your snow experiences.


Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd., has partnered with the Education Division of the Ski Association of Japan to promote snow sports with the aim of making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, including snow sports enthusiasts as well as those potentially interested in skiing and snowboarding. 

In particular, we encourage you to take the ski and snowboard skill test to measure your own progress. Although enjoying the sport is the most important thing, taking the test can also be a great opportunity to not only to step up your skills, but to realize the joys of skiing and snowboarding. In addition, through the junior badge test for elementary school students and younger, it will not only help popularize and promote skiing and snowboarding, but also support healthy development of children who carry our tomorrow.