Snowboarding Certification

Snowboarding fun!

Experience the sensations unique to snowboarding in the great outdoors, and take on the snowboarding test to improve your skills!

Snowboard certification that achieves "maximum results with minimum effort"

The SAJ snowboarding lessons offer a safe and fun learning environment, a clear path of development, and systematically compiles the different techniques needed to achieve the maximum results with minimal effort. As you progress through the lessons, the more areas you will be able to snowboard, and at the same time, the more fun you will have.

In addition, snowboarding badge tests are an effective tool to check your skill level and use as a benchmark for you progress. The SAJ’s snowboarding badge test is a great way to experience the sensations unique to snowboarding the great outdoors and to have your skills objectively assessed.

Steps in Snowboard Badge Testing

For the Snowboarding Badge Test, each level of snowboarding, from beginner to advanced, has a clear theme and focus used for judging. Themes are used across all skills, and the higher levels have skills that build on the themes of the lower levels. If you are new to snowboarding, you will learn the basic skills that will allow you to snowboard the slopes safely and efficiently, and then use those skills as a foundation to test yourself in a variety of situations.

Details for each level