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Badge Tests and Ski Instructor Certification

 Ski certification can be divided into two categories, dependent on the individual goals and preference: the badge test and the ski instructor certification. There are two types of ski certification tests: the Ski Instructor Certification Test, which helps develop highly-qualified ski instructors (an objective of the Education Division), and the Badge Test, which is a skill-oriented test that is great for experiencing the joy of progress. The junior badge test aims to offer a fun experience to children and motivate them to continue to learn.

  The SAJ’s ski certification test includes a level-based test for Levels 1 through 5. A certified examiner judges the test. You pass if you score over a certain number of points. The test results are great level indicators. It is a good idea to take the test less as a goal, but as a guide to measure your progress.

Skiing should be fun and safe, but if you can ski better and more smoothly, the fun will double. It feels great to be able to conquer and ski any slope.

Details of each test